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Thanks Maa – A review

Is entertainment the only reason we watch movies for? What about the need to know different stories, issues & ways of life? Even if they are presented in a seriously serious way, without a tinge of humor? Would we lap it up?

I guess yes. At least if they are as relevant and eye-opening as Thanks Maa is. It is the story about a lost infant who is found by 3 street kids who make sure the infant gets united with the mother. Or do they?

In the journey, the movie makes sure it has checked almost every social issue- begging, stealing, death of innocence, pedophilia, the pain of separation, and many more. As if it was not enough, it all adds up to something grand, something shocking, something that leaves us transfixed in our seats that we are left with no energy to move. It blows us hard. And we needed to. We needed to be jolted out of our slumber and see the harsh realities taking shape around us.

Throughout the movie, we take the title to mean one thing, and its meaning turns out to be entirely different at the end.

It is sad that such movies don’t work well at the box office. Perhaps, some fault is of the marketing team. They don’t trust the power of such movies well, and thus don’t give them enough publicity.

But then that has been the fate of many other good movies as well. These mostly strive on word-of mouth publicity. So, here I am giving it the word-of-fingers publicity: Do watch it!