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Thoughts after watching ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

Who are we? What is our purpose in life? What’s our calling? What’s our passion? What are we here for? What are we good at? How do we want to spend our time, our days? How do we choose our profession?

For some, these answers are determined by their education, the exams they crack and the jobs they land at. For some, it is their inherent talent- singing, dancing, painting, etc that takes them forward.

However,for some, it is through the accidents, occurring while they are running away from their lives or somehow pursuing towards their lives, that they find the purpose of their lives.

In Rango, the lead protagonist keeps wondering who he is. And he accidentally lands in a village named Dirt, where he is accidentally made the sheriff. After a series of events, he finally chooses to stay in the village, owns up his task of being the sheriff and declares that this is who he is!

In Kungfu Panda series, Po is accidentally adopted by a goose, and is accidentally chosen as the Dragon Warrior. He keeps questioning his existence and keeps looking for answers. After a series of events & movies, he finally realizes he is all of this- son of a goose, son of a panda, a student, a teacher and the Dragon Warrior!

In Dallas Buyers Club, Woodroof had been wandering through his life somehow, earning money, fixing electricity, cheating people and literally running. He gets AIDS and he wants to save his life. He is a fighter. He studies about the disease. He talks to the experts for advice. He weighs the different advice given by different people. He makes his choice. He decides to take the drugs that are illegal in the U.S. But he also needs money to survive. So, he smuggles the medicines into the U.S., and sells it to the needy. Having never dreamt of this, he becomes an accidental savior. He gets a purpose, and his name gets written in the annals of history.

What does it tell us about our lives and purpose? Can we purposely build a life and find a purpose? Or do we just have to continue living lives on day to day basis, giving our best, and not worrying about it being getting added to something whole? Perhaps, different people would have different opinions on it.