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Bol- A Review

What does a typical Pakistani household look like? How do they spend their day? What are the roles designated for the males and the females? What are their prejudices? What is the impact of society on their actions and choices? How do they express love? How do they make peace with their yearnings?

In many ways, a typical Pakistani household is similar to that of an Indian household. Yet they are very different. Poverty is more prevalent. The male-female differentiation is starker. The confinement of females in their homes is almost prison-like. The yearning for a male child is of obsessive proportion. The double standards in the name of God are incredible.

In this state of affair, would anybody speak up and let the better sense prevail?

Bol is a demonstration of all such things and much more. It’s hard to believe a filmmaker could pack so much in one movie. In 3 hours, we feel as if we lived a totally different life. The movie holds our hand and takes us deep into its world. It throws the distress in our face, so much so that, after the interval, we question if we should continue with this movie-world. Do we have the capacity to bear more? But the honesty of it all pulls us back in and we get ready for another ride through the tumultuous world of people who are similar in many ways to people on our own surroundings.

But can movies have any impact on the real life? Would people let go of the irrationality after watching just a movie? Perhaps no. But at least it can make some of us to think our actions through and allow us to make better sense of the world we live in. On this aspect, Bol does come up triumphant!