Let’s Unmask

Perhaps the internet and the anonymity go hand in hand. Ever since the first IP addresses said Hello to the World, the curious among us have taken to the cyber world, assumed an alternate identity and said things that they, under their real identity, won’t ever have. Some say things of national importance, some are just trolls, and yet some use it as a shield against the personality weaknesses, that we all have at one point of time in our lives, and we refuse to admit it. Be it the low confidence in what we are saying, the fear of being held liable to what we say, the awkwardness of revealing the truth, the basic instinct of spicing things up and then pretending to have class, or the looking out for the avenues for non-committal relationships, so that there is always an option to walk out easily.

Isn’t that ironical that in today’s world where everything revolves around identity and personality, we are rather choosing to not be ourselves? Isn’t that in contradiction to the world we live in? The kind of music we listen to, the kind of movies we watch, the professions we have, the furniture we choose, the friends we make- for everything, we make a fuss of being able to see ourselves in our choices. Yet, at the earliest opportunity, we go anonymous on internet and do or say things that go against our personality.

Even if we are being true to ourselves while being anonymous, I still wonder why we would give up on our identity, the actualization of which is supposed to make us happy and content. In movies like Trumbo, people have fought hard to get their identities back, and yet, in today’s world, we are all too happy to be someone else and carry on.

Perhaps, at times, it can be tough to be our true selves and go about our business but then those are the exact moments when we should hold our ground, and let our beliefs drown our fears. For, it’s only by overcoming our deepest fears and pushing ourselves in discomforts that we can have true happiness and inner contentment. It’s time to let go of the comfort of the mask.


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